What is CRAFT?

Offering the largest beer selection in Thailand, the CRAFT menu currently rotates over 170 craft beers from around the world, with new beers being added all the time.

Our two locations serve beer geeks and beer novices alike. The original CRAFT is on Sukhumvit 23, featuring 40 taps, and the second location is at the corner of Silom and Surasak, with 20 taps. Both locations also offer a wide selection of bottled beers.

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Become a CRAFT Master! Collect points to level up and get prizes.

Earn CRAFT UNION points for each beer purchased

Pints and flights = 10 Points | 1/2Pint = 5 Points

For every 100 points earned, recieved a complimentary pint.

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Sukhumvit 23 - 022580541

Silom 981 - 026301997